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Best Man Dress Matching

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Best Man Dress Matching

Best Man Clothing Matching 1. Fabrics

With a stylish and low-key grey suit and uniform dress will be a handsome scenery on the wedding, the groom can also choose a suit suit in the same color, just need to work on the fabric enough. Rich gloss or the texture of noble fabric is the choice!

Best Man Dress Match II Shirts

At the wedding, the groom is undoubtedly the focus of attention. But remember not to form too strong contrast with the band, to remember that the band is not only the groom's background is also the performance of the formation, so the overall visual effects must be unified. Talent is a harmonious landscape, will not appear abrupt. The best man's clothing and the groom's clothing can only choose the details of the single product to distinguish different, the use of different shirts will undoubtedly make the finishing touch.

Best Man Dress Matching 3 Colors

Pink: Pink is an indispensable color for weddings. Too bright pink is not a steady feeling, so special attention should be paid to the dark and shallow control. The best man's dress can be used in large areas using lower color pink to improve the overall visual sense. Local collocation can be set off with gray or soft colors.

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Yellow: dazzling yellow, different in depth, and the effect of bringing out is also very different. It should be noted that the brightness is inversely proportional to the brightness, the best man's dress, to show stability, ties, horse clips, shirts are the best modifications, simple, clean, Clean is the best. Choose a partially yellow dress for use with bridesmaids. The color can be brighter than that of bridesmaids. Still use clean yellow.

Red: At a traditional Chinese wedding, the groom's choice of a big red suit is a happy and stylish thing to do, and the best man doesn't need green leaves and saffron to wear red. Wish to need a uniform red tie, from the details of the clever color Echo, so that the area reflects the owner once, but also can be seen at a glance you are the best man. And raise the attention of the groom!

Best Man Dress Matching IV. Tie and bow tie

In the best man's clothing match, bow tie is a very test with the skill of fashion items, once the match is improper, the best man will appear as a waiter's embarrassment. Therefore, the best man's bow tie and the groom's tie are the same color, which not only reflects the best man's identity but also reflects the difference in the unity.

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