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How to choose a wedding dress

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The types of wedding dresses are very complicated. According to the material, wedding dresses can have a variety of choices such as full-silk, domestic satin, taffeta, crystal yarn, eugen yarn, and chiffon. According to the printing, wedding dresses can have flowers, totems, regular geometric patterns, etc.. According to the style, the wedding dress has a chest, Suspender, a word collar, fish tail and so on. The wedding dress chosen on the wedding day must be particularly cautious, love is important, but it must also be suitable for themselves, here are some common minefields, must pay attention to Oh.

One: The girl with wide shoulders please avoid the word collar consciously!

In recent years, whether it's our daily dress or our wedding dress, the collars are definitely a big hit. There are many advantages to it: they show the beautiful shoulders and show the collarbone that is full of women. Fashion is lively and sexy. Very impressive. However, if your shoulders are too thick, the word grasp your shoulder width is visually elongated, exposing or even increasing your imperfections to a certain extent, so, the word collar is beautiful, the girl with imperfect shoulder lines Please be careful.

Two: the bride with short neck please avoid the collar consciously!

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The wedding dress design of the vertical collar has a unique retro feeling, and its style is biased towards modesty and elegance. That's why many people love a leader. However, the Ligue will visually cut the neck into two parts. For those brides whose neck is not long enough, it naturally becomes a minefield. Yes, it will make your own ugly neck shorter and worse. It will pull down your temperament, so that the original tall you disappear.

Three: the bride with not attractive legs please avoid the skirt dress consciously!

Do you remember the classic scene in "Romantic Full House" where the heroine appeared in a short skirt wedding dress? Yes, a skirt over the knee will make you look good with long, straight legs, and a pair of perfect heels will make you look good. However, if your legs are not so satisfactory, the style of short skirts will only expose your problems.

Fourth: the body is not slender bride please consciously avoid satin trim style wedding dress!

The satin drop is very good and can best reflect the woman's softness and elegance. It is a kind of material that many people like, but if the bride's figure is not slender enough, the satin surface because of its soft characteristics will easily expose the shortcomings of the body. Brides who are too plump or too thin should be careful to choose this material wedding dress Oh.

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