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How does a bride choose a dress that fits

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How does a bride choose a dress that fits? What should the bride pay attention to when choosing her wedding dress? This is probably the same for many brides

A very vexing problem, because after all, everyone is not the standard clothes shelf, not every wedding dress is suitable. So the bride

When choosing a wedding dress should pay attention to starting from their own body, choose to be able to highlight the advantages of the bride wedding.

A bride with broad shoulders

For brides with wide shoulders, avoid v-neck or round-neck designs when choosing a wedding dress.

Also do not choose narrow shoulder straps; It is best to choose the kind of sleeveless style wedding dress, and must remember to avoid

Use shoulder pads or they will look stronger.

A bride with a short neck or a double chin

If the body is the type of bride it is best not to choose those high neckline or high collar style with a floral necklace or turn

The wedding dress that gets coat, such word can cover this neck, very not good-looking. Choose a v-neck or a round neck

The wedding dress of design, and it is the style that can foil long necklace shows a shoulder.

How does a bride choose a dress that fits

A bride with slightly slanted shoulders or a thin figure

For a bride of this size, opt for sleeveless, padded sleeves or a low v-neck or round neck with no shoulder pads

Of marriage gauze, had better be to choose the kind of lantern sleeve that has shoulder pad type namely or sheep spleen sleeve, and shoulder place has ornamental design better, be like

Wedding dress with a bit of pleats, lace, etc.

A busty bride

Busty brides should steer clear of shiny fabrics and avoid items that stretch to the chest

Chains, sleeves up to the chest and front buttons are not suitable. Instead, opt for a dark, matte top

Wide and thin styles, straight yarns and medium necklines are all good.

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How does a bride choose a dress that fits

A bride with a small, flat chest

The bride of this kind of figure avoid by all means chooses the kind of upper body elegant, simple design, and low collar design, upper body material fine

Thin, no chest cushion wedding dress do not choose. A more appropriate style for a bride with a small, flat chest is a ruffle or ruffle at the top

Floral style, and the best upper body is the use of texture crisp material, and then match on the short coat and with the chest cushion of the wedding dress,

The bosom had better have nail beautiful button namely.

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