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Night wedding photos are taken like this

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Night wedding photos are taken like this

See many sunny, blue sky white clouds wedding photos you have visual fatigue? Do you think you don't want to settle for mediocrity, like the ordinary wedding photos, the same mountains, rivers, sunshine and beaches? Still struggling with not having the right style for wedding photos? Then hurry to a set of night wedding photos! Cool night as the background, dotted with stars is dotted, dim light not only will not have a dim feeling, but give a person what kind of elegant temperament. Night wedding photos how to shoot tall on it?

Decoration for night wedding photos

The most important thing for night wedding photos is the control of lighting, neither too dark leading to insufficient light, nor too bright leading to overexposure. Brightness and beautiful hold together prop little not the following these a few kind! First is the fireworks, fireworks natural needless to say, is absolutely the best combination of fantasy and romance; Next is the starry sky, dark night stars, and you are the brightest stars in the night sky! If the night sky is not so powerful, might as well try the later p chart, often better than the scene!

Lighting control for night wedding photos

In fact, when shooting wedding photos at night, the control of light is the most important. For example, when the light is very close, it will be very bright, while when the light is relatively far, it will be a little dim, that is to say, the light will become dim with the extension of distance. At this time, it is necessary to use auxiliary light for lighting, and it should be noted that the light of auxiliary light should be consistent with the direction of the original light.

Night view of the way to fill the light wedding

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No matter what kind of photos are taken, the following principles must be followed when filling the light: ensure the striking character, normal skin color, need to pay attention to balance the contrast between the character and the environment, ensure the reasonable interpretation of the atmosphere of the environment. The light of night wedding photos changes a lot, so if you want to make the picture have a good visual effect, you should consider separate exposure. The usual practice is to control the rendering effect of the environment through the internal parameters of the camera, and to control the details of character light and environment with the external shooting supplementary light equipment.

Exposure Settings for night wedding dresses

Night light is darker, the contrast of the scene is larger, so we need to grasp the exposure. If you want to capture the gentle atmosphere of the night, you can't shoot the sky too bright, so the unique romantic feeling of the night will not be gone. Therefore, the camera will set the setting of multiple exposures. Among them, the second exposure is the most commonly used setting. When taking wedding photos at night, the scene under the moonlight is first photographed according to the brightness of the ground scene. After leaving the position of the moon on the top of the picture, the negative is then exposed for the second time.

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