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Notes for outdoor wedding photos

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8 for the couple for their wedding photos for the first time, on the choice of the scenario, generally considering interior and exterior, which can show more different style, make photos look more rich, the idea is very good, but in the process of filming location, there lies a certain details, details which we need to be aware of when to shoot ~

First of all, we should pay attention to the problem is that seasonal factors, two of the biggest factor is the summer and winter season, summer heat and winter cold outside shot is very need to be concerned in the process, or in the process of filming, physical fitness is a challenge for individuals oh, let's take a look at one by one, all need to pay attention to which part of the problem?

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Notes for outdoor shooting in summer and winter:

1, sun protection measures, in the summer shooting the most powerful external factor is the enthusiasm of the big sun,

2, to prevent mosquito bites, this problem is one of the biggest enemies of summer photography, no!

3. Avoid heat stroke due to high temperature. The high temperature in every city has different temperature disparity

4, to prevent the removal of makeup, summer received the attack of high temperature, the new is very easy to sweat, facial delicate makeup although will be prepared in advance set cosmetics

5. Keep warm. It is very cold outside in winter

6. Don't be too impatient for the external racquet. It is very hard for us, so we must keep enough patience

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