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The development of Chinese wedding

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Nowadays Chinese traditional wedding is more and more popular, sharing the historical origin and development of Chinese wedding. According to legend, the earliest marriage relationship and wedding ceremony in China started from fu xi's system of marriage and nu wa's matchmaking. Later Chinese weddings evolved on the basis of the zhou wedding.

The origin of Chinese wedding

According to legend, the earliest marriage relationship and wedding ceremony in China started from fu xi's system of marriage and nu wa's matchmaking. "Tongjian wai ji" contained: "in ancient times, men and women are no different, too hao began to marry, to li PI for the ceremony. From then on, weight watchers became one of the classic wedding betrothal gifts. After, besides "the gift of li PI", still must tell a parent "; In the xia and shang dynasties, the ritual section of "qinying in the court" and "qinying in the hall" appeared again. The zhou dynasty was the epitome of the etiquette era, when a complete set of marriage etiquette was gradually formed. Six wedding ceremony production from the Chinese traditional wedding template, spread to this day.

Making wedding

Zhou system wedding, from ancient times to xia and shang dynasties, integrated in the western zhou dynasty, the founding of the state of rites and music, developed in the spring and autumn and warring states period of the gentleman style, stable in the Chinese ethnic groups eventually formed the han nationality, in the long three thousand years has always been the blueprint for the Chinese wedding, and eventually become a brilliant cloud clouds.

At that time, weddings were also called hunts. No extravagant betrothal gifts, no extravagant extravagances, no noisy banquets. The dowry focuses on the love between husband and wife and the grace of getting married. Then faint ritual simple clean, no official is covering, this kind of complex of overelaborate, husband and wife "in prison and feed, GeJin and 酳", and then hand in hand into the bridal chamber. The next day I called on my uncle and aunt, and in March I went to the temple. During the shang and zhou dynasties, hun fu was not a piece of bright red that is misunderstood by people now, but a dignified black dress. Marry the home of the female for three days did not put out the candle fire, in the light of the ying ying missing away daughter; The whole ceremony was peaceful and serene, but there was a kind of shocking power in the quiet and meticulous ceremony. The quiet and graceful ceremony that started in the dusk reflects a long-lost civilization -- it is pure, graceful and great han civilization, pointing directly at the heart of the people.

Developmental wedding

Refers to the gradual evolution of Chinese weddings on the basis of the zhou wedding system. Mixed with many other sources of wedding etiquette, there are many variations, so called "development".

When is the wedding on the day slowly has been unknown, perhaps because of the han dynasty after the war, not safe at night, perhaps because of infected with hu vulgar habits, plus later wedding ostentation and extravagance increases gradually, time is long, also gradually in the morning, so often last a day of celebration ceremony.

Different from the weddings of later generations, during the pre-qin period and the han dynasty, the female father welcomed the son-in-law at the door, which was very ceremonious, not to mention making things difficult for the son-in-law. Tang's "feng shi wen jian lu", volume 6, says: "in modern times, people married with a car, got married with a son-in-law, but fanned with flowers and candles. Since the day of the wedding, when there were celebrants and the reception, the secular celebrations of the wedding have expanded. The celebratory atmosphere of the wedding is the normal state of life, but also from the surrounding Chinese customs. The wedding ceremony of hu vulgarly is much festival, many miscellaneous vulgarly of later generation wedding, for example noisy bridal chamber, it is the

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marriage custom of khitan. Cross brazier, come from manchu. According to the zhou ceremony, the wedding ceremony had no cover, but the red cover became the symbol of the secular wedding. Ceremony in the wedding do not give music, no wine feast reward section, only in the new room for the bride and groom set a seat. In later generations, the banquet will become an indispensable part of the wedding guests, downtown has become a reservation program. Perhaps, the wedding that we are more familiar with is: pay homage to heaven and earth, 2 worship high hall, husband and wife hand in worship.

Looking at the above two types of Chinese traditional wedding patterns, it is not difficult to see: a long history, vast territory, the degree of cultural gene variation will not be small, after all, there is no communication on the earth's nation does not exist, in the development of the wedding, the marriage instrument of the Chinese nation, to absorb many foreign customs. After many times of active and passive exchanges between the nations, through many times of national ups and downs, the Chinese wedding in the long time slowly changing.

Interestingly, from the revision of the book of rites of the past dynasties, we can see the ancient people's attitude towards this kind of image: preference for the marriage system of the zhou dynasty, tolerance of the secular marriage system. Thus, the ideal and secular will not be contrary to each other, the market. This is perhaps one of the characteristics of the Chinese culture, the ancients have given a suitable way to deal with, do not have to demanding

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