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Korean wedding photos

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Korean wedding photos

Korean wedding style feature 1, simple clothing

Wedding dress should choose simple style, fabric feel better! , and the skirt is covered with a layer of gauze, so that the new

Mother looks more light and soft. Of course, the variety of fabric styles highlights the uniqueness of each dress.

Korean wedding photo features 2, clean makeup

Don't overdo your makeup. In order to highlight the texture of the skin, Pearl powder can be used to emphasize the reflective feeling of the T area and the triangle area. The foundation is going to fight.

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Light, lip coating a small amount of lip gloss can be. Make-up face focus on the eyebrows and eyes, should strengthen the eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelashes

The embellishment!

Korean wedding style feature 3, hairstyle

Hairstyles are changeable and can be determined based on the bride's face and the overall match, but it must be simple and not monotonous, elegant and large

Qi, with a certain level of sense or line beauty!

Korean wedding features 4, headdress

The more commonly used headdress is a variety of hair yarns, delicate crowns, flower-shaped hair ornaments, beads, crystal hairpins, etc., except

The use of veil, other accessories to appropriate small area embellishment, in the preservation of the overall style of simple hair, atmosphere

At the same time, through the embellishment of small accessories to enhance the style of layers, richness and fashion sense!

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