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Night wedding photo material

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Night wedding photos not only to pay attention to the shooting technology, more important is to choose the best street with the photographer shooting location

And the footage. The following night wedding photos material to take you to know the right place to take the night wedding photos with the best shooting scene.

1. The traffic

Photography depends on light, and light also provides many possibilities for us to shape images. Slow gate takes pictures of rush hour traffic

Can build a different magic light "line", in addition to can enhance the color of the picture, rendering atmosphere, but also with the figure

It is a wonderful contrast of movement and movement, greatly improving the night picture. In this case, the steed nd2-400 adjustable deduction is recommended

The light mirror, when photographing the traffic flow, the moving object under slow exposure will leave a moving track, which will make the visual impact more impressive

Strong, as shown below.

2. The pavement

In addition to the bright neon, the bustling city is often reflected in the busy people in a hurry. Night time is a good time to shoot

Virtual and real contrast effect of people and new people, because the night light is relatively dark, do not add grayscale lens in front of the lens, can get

Relatively slow shutter speed. It is recommended to choose the sidewalk, tripod and metering light against the night scene.

Control the shutter cycle through experience, so that pedestrians in front of the lens to form an illusory shadow effect.

3. The water's edge

The water surface can enhance the overall brightness and visual richness of the picture. You can use the river in the city

The stream or lake forms the city night scene's reflection, increases the night scene's dreamlike effect; Also can use the slow door technique in the seaside, will tumble

The waves of the clouds, highlighting the broad and tender feelings of water; In addition, if you encounter calm water, you can also use the mirror effect

Form the reflection of the characters, enrich the picture, add interest and artistic sense. Of course, this kind of scene needs to use a subtracter lens to shoot

Using a dimmer lens slows down the shutter speed and allows you to shoot a stream of water as a line of clouds, almost without affecting the color

The color.

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Urban architecture

Now more and more couples like to take their wedding photos in the cities they live in, the familiar buildings and street scenes

It becomes their first choice. Look frosty reinforced concrete by day, show different tender beauty and charming in meeting at night.

The key for the photographer is the choice of shooting Angle and the detailed control of light and color. About night architecture

The problem of reflection can be solved by using the stenden CPL polarizer to eliminate the reflection of glass, or by covering the black cloth.

A photographer can carry a piece of black cloth with a hole cut in the middle just the size of the lens aperture

The light. If conditions permit, the proposal is to be carried out in the first way.

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