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Theme wedding photo style

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Theme wedding photo style

Thematic marriage gauze takes the gimmick of conflation individual character, vogue, only beautiful, the close lai that gets more and more people, want to take good theme marriage gauze to take, the style that knows thematic marriage gauze to have above all what.

1. Cosplay theme

Cosplay wedding photos are very attractive, which animation or game characters are popular with young people, so also want to experience, but this kind of wedding photos must remember the classic action.

2. Go back to the past

Nowadays, many new couples fall in love with each other when they were classmates. It is a warm and happy thing to go back to the past and go back to the campus to relive the old days. We have seen some wedding photos in group purchase, such as those taken in qinghuayuan, or those taken in primary and junior high schools. You can also go back to ancient times, you can look at the ancient wedding photos in this respect.

3, life bit by bit theme

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The life-style wedding photos are also popular in Beijing in recent years. You can record your happy life in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Paint war theme

The paint war theme sounds incredible, but it's a lot of fun, and for those of you who do it by hand, it's a great way to paint your wedding photos and document your sweet fights.

5. Delicious kitchen theme

Each pair of lovers hope that two people can cook together in the kitchen. It is a very happy thing that two people can make a delicious meal by communicating with each other. Is it meaningful to share such a romantic moment?

6. Oil painting color theme

Now the theme of the wedding oil painting is also a lot of oil painting, color, light, brush, texture, and exquisite frame, it creates the artistic charm is far greater than wedding photos.

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