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Tips for making up the bride's oval face

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Oval face is also known as the standard face, about the bride oval face makeup skills are often mentioned. Want to notice facial not only

Makeup look outline, dress collocation also is quite important.

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Standard face (oval face) : the oval face is commonly known as the "oval face", with an inverted oval shape. It is characterized by an ellipse above and below

Her cheekbones are slightly wider than her forehead and her forehead is slightly wider than her jaw. The face is roughly 4:3 in length to width,

It's the standard female face shape. Elliptic face gives a person gentle and quiet, beautiful feeling.

1, foundation: the middle of the face with light foundation to make the face appear plump, with shadow color painted on the forehead on the edge near the hairline and under

The part of the jaw. Abate the feeling of lengthening, make it appear fruity and plump. Bright color in the middle of the nose, nasal profile should not be too long

The lower end of the nose is shaded.

2, eyebrow: eyebrow suitable for straight slightly long eyebrow, appropriate thick should not be thin.

3. Eyes: shadows extend outward from the outer canthus.

4, blusher: blusher from the cheekbone down position to do horizontal halo, halo area to be small, not into the middle of the face as far as possible

The middle part of the face is open and bright.

Lips: paint your lips the way you want them to look, unless they're too big or too small.

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