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Tips for wearing evening dress

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Models in work and life have many occasions to wear evening dress, then wear evening dress to pay attention to what matters? Chen, he

Model company small lecture hall begins from what is evening dress to begin. Evening dress is to attend a grand dinner, ball, opera house, music

Meeting, the dress that the social occasion such as wedding place wears, since be pair of self-cultivation and grade show, it is to host and other give

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The respect of those present.

Tips for wearing evening dress

1 cannot wear flat shoes, directly speaking, only stilettos can match evening dress

Pantsuits are almost not allowed, unless your jacket is very short for a more flowing pantsuit

Be sure to wear a party look, and never go without makeup, as this will ruin your evening dress and expensive accessories

The style of evening dress can be western style, also can be with their own national cultural characteristics of the national style, worthy of attention

Yes, the choice of accessories should be coordinated and unified.

No matter how fancy a suit is, it can't be used as evening dress.

Evening wear

Due to the characteristics of evening dress, accessories become an integral part of dressing, using the texture and shape of accessories to form complementary each other

Line of the overall effect, evening dress accessories have shawls, handbags, jewelry, jewelry is the most commonly used and the most effective match

Act the role ofing.

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