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Many occasions are need to use dress, and recommend some white and white gauze dress today, the gentle sense of perspective of gauze, show a woman's soft and feminine, the design feels stronger qing dress will be very temperament, but high heels can small property, can also be grand, is the necessary sheet is tasted, of modern urban women dress design element has a lot of, have a plenty of small condole, have a plenty of a word, have a plenty of v collar, and hung BoLing, and princess dress, cultivate one's morality package hip skirt, more have a plenty of cake skirt, and surprised thin little detail design, falbala, black fungus, bump color, horn sleeve, the design inspiration of so many collisions with gauze, What kind of spark? Think all feel surprise, plant a few kinds of grass to everybody below.

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The first white shoulder design, smart and elegant, sexy and energetic, if it is a party, you must be the most dazzling one in the crowd.

The second style of this one word collar is also other, the chest of the ear smart elegant, flounce edge wide sleeves, layered design sense, plus decal, the whole dress is super beautiful.

The 3rd dress is the design of condole belt, add the joining together of falbala, walk elegant clever, fishtail also joined together gauze, have feminine flavour especially.

The fourth design of hanging neck, layered cake skirt, princess fan, sexy and sexy, A place super age reduction.

The fifth one is stitching color, light pink and green, elegant big suit, short sleeve design does not pick a person, simple style, atmospheric version, exquisite details, wear so whether it is daily or party, all good-looking.

The sixth style is a medium length style with big skirt and small waist.

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