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How can a flat-chested girl wear an evening dress?

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How can a flat-chested girl wear an evening dress?

Especially the noble sexy evening dress, flat breast sister of course also need sexy! But t it's not that kind of thing. There's nothing to show for it.

The most important thing a flat-chested girl needs to do when wearing an evening dress is to "hold up" her dress. At the same time, it's not just fullness that's sexy. There are many different ways to say sexy, like curly fu saying smart is the new sexy.

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Flat breasted women need to take advantage of the swelling of the upper body caused by clothing. Can wear a variety of flounces, a word collar, the chest has a variety of decorative dress. If you happen to be thin, go for a variety of strapless, shirt-style or chopped-shoulder dresses. These styles are sometimes surprisingly elegant for women with small breasts. If it's too full, it doesn't fit

Style. Material as thin as possible, such as silk and a variety of yarn, chiffon. Do not choose too heavy material, flat - breasted girls are difficult to hold up such a dress. If you want to be a little sexy, bare back, bare legs or bare waist. In short, a principle, where the good show where.

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