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Wedding dress style introduction

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Wedding dress style introduction

Wedding dress style introduction refers to a method of explaining a particular wedding dress style. Wedding dress European noble wedding dress is a popular wedding dress style in recent years. Wed114 wedding encyclopedia recommended for you 2017 wedding dress style, 2017 wedding trends in Japan and South Korea.

1, strapless wedding dress

The wedding dress that wipes a bosom paragraph is to occupy mainstream on marriage gauze market now. Just as its name implies, the design that the marriage gauze that puts a bosom money is to do not have a shoulder namely, it is the design that wraps from bosom simply, such word analysis rises to suit the bride with a bit plump bosom quite, the practice proves the marriage gauze that this kind puts a bosom money wears to appear concise and easy do not break curvaceous beauty again. The dress relies heavily on the bust and waist to support the dress, so it is not suitable for small girls. Design and work better style of the wedding dress will be designed in the chest like a layer of inner button structure to prevent wedding slip, to avoid causing an embarrassing situation on the wedding.

2, strappy wedding dress

The wedding dress of this kind of condole belt money will appear more high and colorful than the wedding dress that wicks a bosom. Because of the elongated effect on the eyes, it is very suitable for the small and dainty girl mentioned in the previous section. The bride will appear dignified and beautiful. Because condole belt is designed again the reason is unapt when doing hyperbole action, go naked. Although look the marriage gauze of condole belt has a little bit conservative sense on design, but generally speaking the design of this kind of marriage gauze is met on the bosom very exquisite and meticulous, also can highlight bosom so. It doesn't get monotonous.

3, fairy tale in the long wedding dress

When a lot of brides are small, there will be a vision of their own wedding, is to walk like a princess chest in front, behind the flower girl dragging a long misty wedding gown long. In fact, this kind of wedding dress for the height of the requirements are higher than the requirements of fat thin, if you are a little chubby fat, and the figure is not high, it is recommended not to choose to drag the tail too long wedding dress, it will appear shorter, or choose the middle and small toby better.

4, fishtail dress wedding dress and dress

This kind of fishtail skirt wedding dress is a special requirement for thin bride can wear, because in the waist and above the knee has a unique design, this kind of wedding dress will generally do very gorgeous, delicate, show your curve. The girl that short stature slant is thin need not worry, such marriage gauze has small drag a tail basically, very natural hold on the ground, not necessarily tall ability is worn, want you to be enough only thin, have a waist to do not have abdomen, everything ok.

Single shouldered wedding dress

The design of one shoulder is more common, one shoulder style wedding dress can often reflect the bride's temperament, but also conservative.

6. Dress with shoulder straps

Card shoulder is often divided into one word shoulder in domestic, but one word shoulder is card shoulder in more strict distinction. Shoulder is the horizontal style of the shoulder. Most shoulder styles can't reach the shoulder. Note the difference between shoulder straps and v-neck. It is generally believed that the two shoulders of the shoulder position in the upper arm, V collar Angle larger. Can also think that the card shoulder in addition to a word shoulder count as double shoulder V collar design.

7, chicken heart wedding dress

Heart shape is the commonest kind in wiping a bosom, the design gimmick that slant sex appeal in wiping a bosom.

8, v-neck wedding dress

The v-neck design on the shoulder is suitable for the bride with a plump figure. The v-neck brings a tight visual sense, making the figure more sexy and slender.

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9, hang neck wedding dress

Wrap-neck wedding dresses are often paired with fishtails or more form-fitting hemlines, and wrap-neck designs often make them v-necked and sexy. But a bride with slightly wider shoulders wearing a dress designed to wrap around her neck can backfire by making her shoulders the focal point of attention.

Sleeveless wedding dress

The design that marriage gauze takes sleeve is used in home not to see more, although take sleeve also is short sleeve much, general long sleeve USES bud silk, chiffon.

11, a word shoulder wedding dress

The marriage gauze of a word shoulder, always give a person darling female sense, so a lot of exquisite and cabinet bride can choose such design.

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