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The bride hairstyle

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The bride hairstyle

Fashion pearl

Pearl with its glittering and translucent dignified, mellow and colorful, elegant and pure, has always been a favorite for people, the international gem circle will also pearl as

The lucky stone for your birthday in June. Pearls are usually only used to decorate necklaces and earrings, but in this bridal style large pearls are used

Do the hairpin of adornment, very beautiful likewise? If you don't want to wear a veil, then use low-key not publicity but extraordinary bearing

Pearl, make your best companion!

Hair lead the yarn

Generally speaking, the headband and the veil are very difficult to coexist, however this bride modelling actually the headband and the veil very good fusion

Together!!! Just this kind of perfect confluence needs a premise: your hair color should follow hair act the role of same color department, the choice of hair belt at the same time answer Jane

Jai, that would be better.

Hipsters and distribute

Add a hair cord to the braid and it's a style of hair dressing that you'll see in a lot of streetwalkers. Like to be free and easy

Bundle of bride-to-be, might as well try this!

Set auger card

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Although fashion is constantly changing and evolving, hot Fried rice is also a hot thing in the fashion circle. The hairpin is already there

Old days vogue, but the crystal in modelling of this bride sets the hair card that gets illuminative to make whole makeup look however graces many, high grace

The breath of natural reveal and come out!

The headband combines with the braid

Above we saw a hairband and the head yarn fusion together the modelling, but this modelling has the similar work wonderful, will

Hair ribbon is united in wedlock with hair plait together, make hairstyle more complete, also highlighted the temperament with noble beautiful colourful bride at the same time!

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