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what is the marriage of the forty-fifth anniversary of marriage?

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The 45th anniversary of the marriage of husband and wife or parents is called: "Sapphire marriage", France will call it the 45th anniversary of marriage: "Zhu Hong marriage".

Why is it called sapphire marriage for 45 years? Blue, the feeling is mysterious, melancholy, 45 years of feelings, as mysterious and beautiful as sapphire, can not be broken.

Second, married 45 years of sapphire wedding greetings:

1. The touch of the hand of the child, and the warmth of the old man. As a good friend for many years, I wish you all the best, and I hope that you will always be happy and happy. From then on, you will be happy with your 45th anniversary.

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2, love is a heart inspiration in thousands of languages, it is a kind of investment without interest, love is only to find the right notes that the right person will come out. When you meet each other, you realize that love is so magical! May your love bloom forever!

3, 10 years of repair with the boat, a hundred years of repair a total of sleep. Finding him/her in the vast sea of ​​people is clearly a period of thousands of years ago. How can it be the result of the accidental accumulation of the three generations of stone? How can you care for this fate with true heart, you who love you.

4, waiting for a lifetime is not a simple and pale mountain pledge, but a myriad of dull days in the same boat, to each other! Love is to bring you together, love makes you heart-to-heart, I hope you find that every year you are like First love. Congratulations on the 45th anniversary of the wedding.

5, blessings and blessings are filled with countless blessings, blessings and blessings are the starting point of blessings. Blessings and blessings are infinitely beautiful blessings. Blessings are blessings of blessings, and there are no more precious gifts than blessings! Mom is married forty-five years.

6. The most rare thing in your life is a caring lover. Whether it is now or in the distant future, you protect each other's love. The flowers seem to be every morning and evening you spend together, the pure white roses. Surrounding your deep love, I wish you a happy future, full of love and forever!

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