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What kind of hairstyle can you use for marriage

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What kind of hairstyle can you use for marriage

1. A Japanese bride hair design, elegant retro dish hair cool dew forehead appears extremely generous and elegant, light nude outline a matchless fashion temperament, fluffy increased the modeling temperament, is absolutely a very beautiful outdoor modeling.

2. Rural wind is the favorite of many schoolgirl now, so nifty and lovely double twist beautiful plait is right choice, of temperamental in distinguish new repair yan to reduce age, fleeciness twist beautiful plait draws the outline of a silk is lively with nifty feeling, a little bit ornament goes up flower pure and fresh and natural.

3. In line with the symbols of this season, create a small fresh breath of bride hair, comb the bright and clean hair, the rose pink hair ornaments and powder dudu face set off, beautiful, word shoulder lace wedding dress, charming temperament.

4 long hair bride, do not want hairstyle too heavy and complex, like this, make up a side ponytail, crown hair act the role of compose to be in between the hair, gentle atmosphere is dignified again, transparent white gauze builds a mysterious and dreamy aesthetic feeling.

5. Speaking of classics, it is very special to hold a Chinese wedding ceremony. The red embroidered dress, with the gentle and dignified plaited hair and red flowers, corresponds to the red lips and the romantic and moving image of the bride.

6 temperament fluffy long curly hair will be romantic and elegant outline, a sweet princess head revealed a very fluffy sense, temperament of the points plus romantic hair color draw the outline of a very fashion and temperament, from the side look very romantic.

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7 atmosphere and fashion coexist a modeling, although it is a simple medium long hair curly, natural air perm draw the outline of a very elegant and fashion sense, modeling simple do collocation on the dress shows a very strong sense of outdoor fashion.

8. An elegant and beautiful bride hair decoration model, simply carry out delicate and beautiful hair treatment of long hair, and cooperate with the design and ear side two simple curls hair bundle more show a fresh and elegant wind, white hair decoration on the top of head side more show elegant and charming wind.

9 crown style hair style should be said to be the bride's favorite, and this kind of hair with this kind of simple and towering dish hair style match can highlight the bride's high school elegant temperament wind, bright wedding dress is also the eyeball.

20 is also a retro style of bride hair style, this will be the long hair of the plate-hair treatment, partial points of the model is very much show the bride's elegant temperament, and hair belt style design more fresh only beautiful retro style.

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