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Korean bridal makeup tutorial

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Korean bride makeup tutorial step 1, the background

The first step is to create natural and perfect skin. The best choice is a base cream with pearlescent effect. Apply an appropriate amount of the cream to your face and push it away evenly. Such bride makeup base can build the female glamour that gives wen wan.

Korean bride makeup tutorial step 2, to create delicate features

Delicate and stereo facial features is the makeup that the bride makeup must have, the makeup brush that USES large size is touched than powdery bottom deep the repair colour pink of a color number hits gently in cheek and hairline place, along zygomatic pull a longitudinal shadow, can let a face look exquisite and delicate, eyebrow end part also should make appropriately decorate, ability looks angular and trenchly.

Step 3: highlight your skin tone

Brighten your skin tone with highlights, an essential part of your bride's makeup. Use highlights under the eyes and on the t-shape area to make the whole look refreshed and tireless. To maintain the transparency of makeup look, had better divide a few dizzy leave.

Korean bride makeup tutorial step 4, blush

Then the gradient type is used to save cheek is red, it s the highest position in complain, this kind of cheek is red with good durability, not easy to take off the makeup and smooth texture, then the overlay coating to a color powder blush, and paint to eyebrow end stretching, the superposition of gradual change effect, can let makeup look more have administrative levels feeling, sweet to the bride.

Korean bride makeup tutorial step 5, eyebrow line

The eyebrow line of bride makeup is very important, this must emphasize, on the base that has finished eyebrow makeup, emphasize the line of eyebrow with eyebrow pink, strengthen the shadow of brow to bridge of the nose, can let nose look more straight and straight, next the lower margin of eyebrow sweeps on highlight pink, brow is natural and elegant and moving.

Korean bride makeup tutorial step 6, eye shadow

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The obvious is romantic, so eye shadow with a romantic hue, choose the delicate orange eye shadow and the integration of brown eye shadow, can make a deep eye ministry outline, orange eye shadow superposition in double-fold eyelid fold place daub, pay attention to both uniform transition, can make eyes look colorful, to emphasize the mature lasting appeal, can be in the eye end after a period of a few false eyelash.

Korean bride makeup tutorial step 7, under the eyelids of the dye

It is next below palpebral dizzy catch, next palpebral should brush go up orange lubricious eye shadow serves as deck, be in close to eye end 1/3 place daub can, after waiting for colour and face of the eye on nature join, reoccupy large whitewash gently sweep redundant float pink, can.

Korean bride makeup tutorial step 8, lips

Finally is bride water embellish zhu lip, use lipstick to undertake first base, build the downy lip color that gives to be full of simple sense, use highlight to illuminate again next, burnish is beautiful won't too glaring however, can use labial brush to depict the highlight of labial edge carefully first, brush equably again next.

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