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Bride with makeup notes

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1. Hair/haircut

Unless it's your wedding day, don't change your hairstyle. Even if you have to, ask your makeup stylist for professional advice. Otherwise, the barber a small mistake, will be irreparable. Longer hair gives you more room for styling that day.

2. Skin beautifier/essence

Don't do extra skin care, don't trust so-called elixir, or special care 15 days before the wedding. These products are often not good for your skin at all. And there is the risk of allergies. How do you normally do how to do it now, don't for a few freckles or no one care about doug and sudden change or reinforce skin care plan, be careful and not when nursing care transition caused by skin allergy or more serious skin problems, remember that as long as moisturizing, makeup modelling division, to the other makeup artist will help you easily calm.

High heel bride

For brides who don't yet know how to wear high heels, start practicing half a month before your wedding, or choose shoes of moderate height. Don't be a "puppet bride" standing still or a "lame bride" looking distressed.

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4, nail

Nail time to pay attention to and the overall style of the match, if the gift shoes are open toes and heels then pay attention to the foot nail and care. If the dress is matched with gloves, held in the western wedding then it is necessary to pay attention to wear gloves after the size of the ring is also appropriate, western wedding also pay attention to the veil wearing method, remember and stylist to explain clearly.

5, filling water

The night before the wedding must pay attention to the intake of water, it is best not to drink water 2 hours before going to bed, can 5 hours better, otherwise the head of the small swollen eyes and big cake face to meet the happiest moment of your life and you will spend a lifetime with the groom.

6, modelling

It's best to wear a cardigan for your wedding day, unless you want to wait until all the styling is done before taking off your nice jumper.

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