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Creative proposal gift

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Creative proposal gift

A: real name custom diamond ring

A your real name custom diamond ring for her, tell her the ring is to use your real name for her in a special custom, this whole life you will only be customized for her, the diamond ring moral "in the name of my crown you fingers, life accompany, I hand", this whole life you will dies in around her, all this will be the real-name custom diamond ring for you witness, watching you bathing in the river of the romantic love, watching you in the path of marriage, happiness and good exclusive life, knot, tie in one hundred.

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Two: custom made wedding shoes

Remember the glass slipper of Cinderella? Although your glass slipper is not a girl, in every girl's heart, she is eager to receive the glass slipper given to her by her prince. When you propose to her, you will put on the customized slipper for her.

Three: exclusive custom wedding dress

All say every girl who is folding wing angel, the wing of the white, clean and pure heart is still with them, they are the world the most beautiful and good, but every girl become the bride of that day of all is the most beautiful, the most beautiful bride how can the lack of an exclusive wedding, give her a beautiful wedding dress in marriage is the most creative and perfect gift.

Four: DIY gifts

Sometimes, the sincerity of gifts lies in the absence of thought. Proposal is a big thing. If we can't find such an atmosphere, it will make proposal pale. In fact, we can DIY some gifts she likes when we propose to her. In this way, she will know that she knows her mind, and she will be very willing to work with you to build a beautiful marriage life.

Five: DIY handmade photo albums

You can't taste anything unless you do it yourself. On the eve of the proposal, I sorted out all the photos of their life and printed them out. After that, I DIY a love album. Post a picture of the two of you on it and present it to your girlfriend on the day of the proposal.

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