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Wear diamond ring precautions

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Wear a diamond ring to pay attention to avoid collision with hard objects, especially metal; Diamonds originated in the west more than gold can represent the noble, wealth, power, noble life. Therefore, when wearing the wedding ring, must pay attention to self-restraint, should not do violent physical or sports. Such, reflected the high connotation of diamond culture already, also protected diamond to ring not easy move is damaged.

Avoid contact with chemicals when wearing a diamond ring set in 18-karat gold. Because, 18K gold primary color is golden yellow, enchase when diamond ring, had electroplated commonly. If frequently exposed to chemicals (such as body wash, hand sanitizer, vinegar, etc.), it is easy to electrodeposit corrosion, exposing the primary color of 18K gold - gold. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear a diamond ring to wash dishes, take a shower, wash hands, or do chemical experiments.

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Do not put the wedding ring into sudden hot and cold environment. Because diamond ring relies on the enchase force of the metal completely, although diamond is harder, but, because metallic heat bilges, cold shrink reason and appear loose, fall off even phenomenon, can cause needless huge loss at that time. Therefore, try to avoid wearing the diamond ring, in and out of the cold or sauna, hot springs and other places.

The pollution that gets grease quite easily gets diamond ring, once diamond surface appears smeary, can choose cloth of cloth of a soft glasses put on the skin to undertake gentleness can, avoid by all means is used clean essence or coarse cloth is wiped, so that damage diamond and precious metal.

When wearing diamond ring, should avoid to wait for hard thing to collide with each other with metal or attrition, lest precious metal is chafed or diamond is touched crack (although diamond is the article with the biggest hardness in nature, but do not forget, hardness is bigger, also more brittle)

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