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Marriage customs in henan

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1. In henan province, sister-in-law will comb the hair of her married sister. There are two situations. It is the hairdo that still presses a girl to comb, comb long braid namely, meaning the little sister is the girl that waits for a court, after waiting for husband's home, again by husband's home elder brother's wife or aunt aunt is pulled into bun. There's a song when you comb a girl's hair. In changtan county, north henan, the lyrics are: "before the seven, after the eight, the family home together. My husband's family sent two ares and a half, and my mother's family sent two ares and eight.

2, the engagement to book gifts, both sides of the family dinner.

3, a month before the wedding, the man should take enough money to buy her clothes, jewelry and so on, clothes to buy several sets, wear at the wedding.

A few days before the wedding, the two families will get together to discuss the details of the wedding.

On the wedding day, the groom should go to the bride's house in the morning to pick up the bride, the earlier the more blessings.

6, the bride has a brother or nephew "car door", the man's family to prepare enough red envelopes to the car door, if the door is not allowed, the bride is not "car". The man who "holds the door" also holds the keys to the chest of the bride's dowry, a bunch of keys to give a red envelope.

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7, the bride into the groom's house, began to worship, worship, etc., after the master of ceremonies will chair the bride "change" is called "dad, mom" groom parents to "change money".

8, into the bridal chamber, we avoid, after the bride changed her clothes, the groom's sister or niece carry a basin of water to the bride, the bride can wash his hands, and then give red envelopes to his sister or niece.

9, then we play a lot of fun, is basically pulling the groom to oil, give the groom bride bridesmaid best man face daub black, these people to be clever dodge, or get on the clothes is very painful.

10, then dinner, eat a feast.

Henan wedding banquet has 38, are eight hot dishes, cold dishes, soup. Eight eight four, seems to reduce 4 soup or cold dishes. Eight bowls of four, the thinnest, eight hot dishes, four cold dishes. On the third day of the wedding, the son-in-law would return to the bride's family.

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