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What kind of hair do you wear for marriage

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1. A Japanese bride hair style design, elegant retro dish hair refreshing dew forehead appears extremely generous and elegant, light naked

Outfit draws the outline of clinking vogue temperament comes, fleeciness feeling increased modelling temperament feeling, it is very beautiful absolutely a backlot is made


2. Pastoral style is now a lot of girls love, so cute and lovely double braids is a good choice, temperament in

Distinguish new fix yan to reduce age, fleeciness plait of twist flower draws the outline of a lively with nifty feeling, a bit on ornament flower pure and fresh and natural.

3. In line with the symbol of this season, create a small fresh breath of bride hair, comb the bright and clean hair, hair, powder

The rose that lubricious hair is acted the role of set off with the cheek photograph of pink doodle, beautiful beautiful, marriage gauze of lace of one word shoulder, temperament is attractive.

Long-haired brides, who don't want their hair to be too heavy and complicated, do a side ponytail like this, with a crown on top

Between, gentle atmosphere is dignified again, transparent white gauze builds a mysterious and dreamy aesthetic feeling.

5 speaking of classic, do a Chinese style wedding is very special, a red embroidered dress, vertical wen wan dignified plate

Hair, red flowers wear, and red lips corresponding to the color, romantic and moving image of the bride.

6 the fleeciness of temperamental long roll hair will romantic draw the outline of with grace, a melting princess head reveals matchless fleeciness to feel

, of temperamental in cent add romantic hair color apply colours to a drawing draws the outline of clinking vogue and temperament come, look from flank appear clinking romance

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7 atmosphere and fashion coexist a modeling, although is a simple long hair curls, natural air perm draw the outline of very

Of grace and fashionable feeling come, the formal attire on modelling simple do shows matchless exterior scene fashionable feeling to come.

8. An elegant and aesthetically inspired bride hair decoration model, which simply carries out delicate and aesthetically pleasing treatment of long hair, and matches

The two simple curly hair bands on the side of the ear and the white hair decoration on the top of the head show more elegance

The wind.

The crown is the bride's favorite hair accessory, along with the simple, towering plaits

Model photograph is taken can highlight the high school elegance that gives a bride more temperamental wind, bright and twinkling marriage gauze also is to suck eyeball window.

10 is also a retro style of bride hair hair style, this will be long hair for the hair treatment, partial points of the modeling

Show the elegant temperament of the bride very much originally, and the modelling design of hair belt type more show pure and fresh only beautiful restore ancient ways wind.

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