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Which flowers can be used for the wedding

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Crane wanglan

Crane wanglan, also known as bird of paradise or bird of paradise flower, flower orange, bright blue petals, stigma pure white, shaped like crane head looking far, it is named crane. It symbolizes that no matter when, no matter where, never forget the person you love is waiting for you, and the crane orchid is like a bird that can fly to the heaven, and can bring all kinds of feelings and thoughts to the heaven.

2. Tulips

Tulips are good materials for wedding flowers. They are often red, yellow, purple and white. The red flower means the confession of love; Yellow means the coming of love; Purple flower means the eternity of love; White means pure love.


Hyacinth flower language is joy, love, happiness, deep affection, admire, European has a special feeling to hyacinth, in British blue hyacinth is bridal all the time hold in both hands beautiful or act the role of the indispensable flower material in the flower, it is the symbol of happiness, also have the meaning of chastity white. Since blue hyacinth is the ancestor of all hyacinths, its meaning is life. Hyacinth is known as "western narcissus", hyacinth has more than 100 varieties, mainly have "Dutch species" and "Roman species" two categories.


Succulent plants with their saturated vitality and polyamorous artistic atmosphere, become a wedding dress beautiful scenery, and this exuberant vitality of plants can continue to grow after the wedding, endless, very suitable for the "wedding is the continuation of life" concept.

5. The sky is full of stars

Jojoba flower, represents the concern, pure, successful, joy, is called the wedding "jojoba flower".


Romantic, this flower form fleeciness is lightsome, shape is like mist, often come loose insert in the surface of main flower material or in interstices, increase administrative levels feeling, rise foil of foil and fill action, the flower material with the most indispensable in wedding and modelling. It means romance.

7, help lang hua

Respect and love each other. Fu lang hua (African chrysanthemum) symbol of perseverance, not afraid of difficult. Some regions like to decorate a new house with a bouquet of hand-holding flowers at the wedding celebration. The African chrysanthemum is radial in shape, often used as the main body of flower arrangement, and is often configured with kidney fern and asparagus.

8. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is famous for its flowering in the severe winter. The beautiful color seems to tell us that spring is approaching, and the head of hydrangea is quite large, so it doesn't need to be filled with other flowers.

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Use this sweet-smelling flower at weddings and banquets to bring back memories of childhood, first love and summer afternoons.

10, musk pea flowers

This beautiful purple flower has a climbing posture that adds color and texture to the main flower. The muskflower bean is the star of spring and is suitable for weddings where the main lilac flower is used or highlights its color.


Fashionable as peony, with more lace at the same time, it is quite marked in the floral decoration.


It is one of the most elegant spring flowers. Magnolia is the best choice for couples walking down the aisle to draw attention.

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