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What was the 29th wedding anniversary?

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The couple's 29th wedding anniversary is called a "velvet wedding".

Two, 29 years of marriage anniversary speech:

Happiness is not measured by material things. A small and old health and harmony, is my most simple to happiness

Single interpretation. For our family, for we can live a better life, my wife and I work very hard, very tired.

She always said that there was nothing bitter and tired when we were young, and we would have a better life in the future. We've had an easy time over the years

Happy. I and wife say: as long as can let you mother son lead of good, you mother son happy, be my biggest happiness!

2, I do not pray for great wealth, do not expect to have a villa luxury car, a family of peace and health and happiness is my biggest happiness!

Today is our 29th wedding anniversary. Although there are many festivals now, I think today is the real day

It's our day, because it's the day we hold hands. Happiness after twenty-nine years, from now on I

We will also go together to the silver wedding, gold wedding, and diamond wedding.

3, the world of sweet and sour, bitter and hot. Like the mixed feelings, have been sad and painful, but also too fast joy and happiness, but happy

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More than pain, happiness than sad. Pain and happiness, but bring us more is the happiness of the romantic back

Yi. Take our long bike ride to the board romance, six hours back and forth, winding

The rugged winding mountain path, under the scorching sun like the sun, your husband in front of you to ride, my wife behind me to sit, along the way there

How many people to us cast envious eyes, whenever riding a small slope, I said down once, you say no

Tired. Look at your clothes wet with sweat, sweat running down your cheeks. Love and happiness, I am happy you are happy


In these twenty-nine years of marriage, you bring me is infinite happiness and joy, let me feel loved every day

Surrounded by. My life is so wonderful, romantic and happy because of you. The savage world, the vast sea of men,

The fate of this life, the fate of the previous life, god let us meet this life, is thousands of practice to love. In this knot today

Wedding anniversary of 29 years, I want to say, you are my heart forever favorite.

5, love in life, love in plain, love needs our heart to feel, with a lifetime of time slowly experience. let

In the days to come, we will hold your hand and grow old together to weave a more happy and beautiful life, just like that in a song

Kind, when we slowly grow old where also can't go, you still take me as the treasure in your hand. Let our love continue to warm

Warm each other, until the old, to forever.

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