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What was the 26th wedding anniversary

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The twenty-sixth wedding anniversary is called the "jade wedding". It is the French definition of marriage after 26 years of marriage.

So what does 26 years of marriage mean? The explanation is to keep the body like jade, refers to the marriage has lasted until now, as pure as jade.

The twenty-sixth wedding anniversary

All love stories are touching, but the best part is growing old together. Is also your goal, you each other's desire, I wish: you happy marriage, grow old together, always be in love.

2, dad, mom, to congratulate you together for so many years, you are my good example, on the way to love, you show me the power of action and the combination of life, bless you, happy anniversary!

3, my parents, if you say that god created marriage, the happy marriage is a gift from god, god in heaven will give you all the blessings.

4, dad, mom, you get along with the model of harmony, just like the sweet dew falls on the earth, each other love each other, mutual aid, work together to build a happy family.

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5, in this special day, I wish your life, like the fruit of the FIG slowly mature, like the vine like fruit, like christians, every day and night to tell the work and glory of god!

6, mom and dad, because of your combination, with my life, with a warm home, although it is not very rich, not luxury, but I love it, but also willing to pay for it all.

7, marriage is not a simple vow of eternal love, but countless days in the same boat, help each other! Wish: mom and dad, happy anniversary, married forever, grow old together, always be in love.

8, I sit by the window, watching the moonlight streaming, overflow the whole room, also flowing my thoughts, let you open your window, let my thoughts with you, with you sweet sweet dreams. Happy 26th wedding anniversary, honey!

You are a cloud in the sky, occasionally projected in my wave heart, you will not care, and I will collect a lifetime. No matter how time flies, I wait for you, until the white hair like frost. Love you until the end of time. Happy marriage for 26 years!

10, romantic fate is god's arrangement, love myth is the eternal future, many miracles only believe that there will be. So I believe, our story is the myth version of the legend, love will last. Happy 26th wedding anniversary, honey.

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