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What's the 14th anniversary

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What is the 14th wedding anniversary?

The couple had been married for 14 years and it was called an "ivory marriage".

Moral: it is probably because of the white and delicate ivory, warm and soft and excellent texture.

Two, 14 years of marriage anniversary speech:

After 14 years of marriage, we've stopped trying to think of gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays

Is good, even if the other party occasionally forget, can forgive.

2, perhaps this life fate, let me meet you in the most helpless, is you give me the feeling of happiness. Love you soon, eternal life


3, although I can not live a hundred years, but I have to say, I will love you for a million years, I will use my body and mind to love you, love you, want to

You, miss you in every night and day!

4, all the way you, sorrow also calm, laugh also carefree, life you, sorrow also comfortable, joy also laugh, happy life let love

I am intoxicated, let me infatuated, dear, everything because of you.

See around every corner, there are you and my story, slowly taste the love and hate between us. I want you to give it to me

A place to put "heart", dear, thank you to accompany me through these 14 years, I really feel very happy.

6, I look at you without a word, like an anaemic star, according to not see you come footprints; The mood of the moment, like the coin,

Half storm and half flower; Think more: with my life for your beauty.

True love lasts forever, love is the only; With my love, crown your wrist; I will be with you forever. You are the only one in my life

Love. Dear wife, happy 14th anniversary.

8, suddenly remembered that there is a song to sing, the most romantic thing, is to grow old together with his lover. Collection points along the way

Save the little drops of laughter for later, when you're sitting in a rocking chair. Wife, I hope the most romantic thing, hand, and son

Old age together. I think: the most beautiful love is like this. Is to grow old with you, until we are too old to go anywhere

. Hopefully, by then, we'll still have each other in our hands, sitting on the carpet with our backs to each other, listening to music

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, talking about the years we have gone through together and the life bit by bit.

9, a lot of days, has been busy, busy what, in fact, they do not have too deep impression, anyway, there is no text. There are

People worry, some people ask, some people are used to see my words, some people are used to find the most simple warmth in my words,

Good know now I everything well, so, sometimes want to give up the text dream, again, always need emotion

Brewed, only then has the writing to appear me, perhaps, has waited for so many days, is for today this special day, because, has

The wedding anniversary, I also have a good mood to put on their favorite beautiful clothes, not only in front of the husband to show a

Unique charm and delicate, also give yourself a pair of can be eternal bright smile.

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