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What's the tenth anniversary

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What is your 10th wedding anniversary?

Ten years of marriage is called "tin marriage".

Moral: "tin marriage" is also "cherish marriage" homophonic, but also remind us to cherish the immediate people. In tin marriage, both husband and wife give gifts to each other to show their love. There will also be many blessings for your 10th anniversary marriage.

Get married for ten years

1, life waiting is not a simple and pale oath, but countless plain days together, help each other!

2, all the way have you, sorrow also calm, laugh also carefree, life have you, sorrow also comfortable, happy also happy, happy life of love let me intoxicated, let me infatuated, dear, all because have you.

You know god is not fair, you can choose to love me or not. But I can only choose to love you, or love you more. Happy 10th wedding anniversary, honey.

4, a lot of things we think we will never forget, in our days, we forget. But today will not forget, because he is our anniversary, dear, happy tin wedding anniversary.

5, a person is willing to wait, another person is willing to appear. One man is willing to appear, another is willing to risk his life. One man is willing to sacrifice himself, another is willing to commit himself.

6, there is a touch called love, there is a touch called mutual help, there is a touch called understanding and tolerance. Marriage is like a boat sailing in the sea. Only with concerted efforts can we reach the other shore of happiness.

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7, get married for ten years, from the beginning of love youth junior high school to children can play soy sauce. In a twinkling of an eye for more than 10 years, from one person to eat a full family is not hungry, to set up a small family to take care of each other, and then to the old and young, all the way there is wind and rain. Thank you, my dear wife.

8, with the wind as the media, bees and flowers hug; With fire, matches and cigarettes burn together; In chess as a medium, pawn straight handsome love nest; Write a string of love symbols in words; To the truth as a medium, and you stay with the old.

9, to death silk to do, love you to the old love deeper; Wildfires burn, love burns; Apes on both sides cry not, but two laugh unceasingly; Don't know how to express the love for you, loudly say to you: I love you!

10, you are the egg, I am hand rolling, always with you; You are the watermelon, I am the melon rind, forever covers you; You are the ant, I am kang xi, forever cautery you; You are a forward, I am the enemy team guard, always stick to you; You love me, I love you, let us love each other, always together.

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