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Depression before marriage

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1, we can be in a perturbed mood, listen to some lectures on marriage counseling, or read this kind of books, from the books to understand the future life state, will rule out the fantasy, the fear of the future ignorance. And with the lover to carry on some discussion, alleviates own psychological uneasiness factor.

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If you're feeling anxious or stressed, don't lock yourself in your room and work on the problem with him. Tell him about your worries, your mood, and let communication take the place of arguing. If seeing him really bothers you, it helps to talk to your parents, siblings or friends. Remember to always remind yourself that after this time, you will have a new and happy life. Why bother yourself with unhappiness?

3, such as time and money allow the case, it is best to go away to relax, see the world outside, do what you like to do, through the beauty of nature to ease their nervous nerves, before and after marriage is the same, life or continue, there is no need to depression.

4, usually can drink quiet tea, through some of the external ingredients, let a person calm down, the main materials are mint, cassia seed, lotus leaf, etc., are the focus of static gas jiapin, at the same time to think of some more happy things, let the body and mind get slow, natural depression before marriage will slowly decline. Pre-marital depression is one of the most common psychological symptoms that couples experience before they get married.

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