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Korean style wedding photo style

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1. High style of freehand brushwork

Style features: high profile, freehand brushwork, romantic, the picture should let the viewer from the picture to feel the extension of the mood and pleasure of beauty.

2. Classic traditional style

Style characteristic: cloth light is more complex, emphasize the stereo feeling that USES light to model a character. The shape and setting are simple.

3. Fashion and retro style

Style characteristic: bold try contrast, look like a variety of disparate style confluence to come together. Continuous light source is used during shooting, so that the light intensity is relatively weak, color temperature changes greatly, and it is easy to control the depth of field.

4, elegant aesthetic style

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Style features: the use of a genuine digital background and a different wedding dress, to quietly elegant tone, the performance of elegant, pure and sweet feeling.

5. Natural style of hanada wedding

Style characteristics: one of the most popular wedding photography style is out of the studio, to the outdoors, and nature do the most intimate contact, in the appreciation of the beautiful scenery of nature at the same time, freeze the most meaningful time in this life. Fresh and natural wedding photography style, simple but elegant and attention to detail. The most natural nude makeup with the blue sea blue sky, blue mountains and white clouds or the sea of flowers. The real scene, the real interaction, everything is so natural, so pure, like the initial throb of love when it comes. Can not help but teach people to let time always freeze in this second, two people into the painting, a gentle years, a warm time.

6, youthful personality style

Style characteristics: young people are more and more advocating personality publicity, the pursuit of self-style, 90 post-wedding quasi-new people on the requirements of wedding photography is more and more tend to pursue personality, different, interesting photography is quietly popular youth personality. Young personality style wedding photos pay more attention to highlight the new people's own unique temperament, screen color rich, strong contrast; The characters have more design sense, and try to make the new people better show their true temperament and youthful vitality in the shooting process, and strive to capture the most real and unique moment. At the moment of pressing the shutter, may it freeze our youth forever.

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