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Korean aesthetic style wedding photos

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1. Natural hanada wedding - wedding photo style:

One of the most popular styles of wedding photos is to go out of the photo booth, to the wild, and nature to do the most close contact, in appreciation of the beautiful scenery of nature together, freeze the most meaningful time in this life. Fresh and natural style of wedding photos, simple but elegant and attention to detail. The most natural nude makeup with the blue sea blue sky, blue mountains and white clouds or the sea of flowers. The real scene, the real interaction, everything is so natural, so simple, like love that when the beginning of the throb. Not by teaching people want to let the permanent frame in this second, two people into the painting, a gentle age, a warm shaoguang.

2. Full of youth -- style of wedding photos

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Young people are more and more advocating style publicity, looking for their own style, the post-90s quasi-new people's demand for wedding photos is also more and more tend to seek style, unusual, young style interest photography is quietly popular. The wedding photos with the style of youth and youth pay more attention to show the common temperament of the new members themselves. The characters are depicted with a sense of planning. In the process of taking photos, we try to let the new members show their real personality and youthful vitality very well, and try to capture the most real and extraordinary moments. At the moment of pressing the shutter, may it permanently freeze our verdant years, like water years.

3. Classic traditional-style wedding photos:

Beamings are mixed and disorderly, the stereo feeling that the key portrays a character with the light. Modeling, the scene is very simple.

4. Rich and colorful beauty - wedding photo style:

The use of a genuine digital scene and different wedding dresses, to the rich and colorful colors, the performance of elegant, pure and sweet feelings.

5. High profile suitability - wedding photo style:

High-profile, comfortable, romantic, the picture should let the viewer from the picture feel the extension of the mood and pleasure of beauty.

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