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Engagement dress choice

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Engagement is a joyous event. Many people are wondering what kind of dress they should wear. What is it

Engagement. Compared with the engagement and marriage, the engagement ceremony is much simpler. But the engagement ceremony is as solemn, as sacred

In the ceremony, also pay attention to the dress. You need to be decent and decent.

Engagement is also known as "wen ding", formerly known as "naji" and "na zheng", although engagement is not as complicated as marriage, but the traditional customs are still not

Often attach importance to, both men and women need to prepare a number of gifts, the process basically has the following four points:

First: the officer of tribute: commonly known as "Mr. Box", is responsible for the appointment of the gift bank. The officer of the tribute had to control the Numbers

Number), vehicles (six or twelve), endowment money (even number and properly packed in red paper), six gifts.

Second: family sacrifice: before going to the woman's home for nachai, the man first at home for ancestor worship ceremony, then used by nachai "box

"Small cake" or big cake, incense to tell the fathers of the song dynasty, will go to a woman's home somewhere next, please show the ancestors of this rock rafter bless the United States

Full of happiness.

Third: set out: after the family sacrifice, the officer of tribute is responsible for moving all the betrothal gifts to the car, the groom and the matchmaker with the ride, to the woman's house


Fourth: red envelopes: GongLi palace before departure in addition to do the number, the number of cars, the dowry, also have to remind the groom get many red packets. Such as:

To open the door of the groom's uncle and uncle, "pressure table", six go with the family are required to have the bride to meet the gift, holding water to wash her face

A new friend, a matchmaker.

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Engagement is a festive thing, a suit of inappropriate clothing, it may be bad for the overall atmosphere and effect, casual dress, western dress or

The traditional tang suit can be chosen, the key is whether the clothing is suitable for the new temperament and the occasion. Pick out an engagement outfit

New appoinment, mostly still favor western-style evening dress, a few lovely pink formal attire, luxurious purple formal attire all very catch up. Although"

However, western dress is very popular, but when choosing a dress, not blindly "worship the west", should consider many factors. On the one hand,

The couple's own awareness is very important, if the engagement as an important ceremony, it should be dressed modestly, decent and generous,

Casual clothes are not appropriate; On the other hand, depending on the group of guests, many engagement ceremonies are prevalent in the countryside and people come to the banquet

If most of the guests are relatives from the countryside, perhaps the red tang suit or qipao, more in line with the aesthetic trend of the masses. Such as

If it is in the atmosphere of the hotel, wearing a western evening dress more in line with the needs of the overall environment, but also reflects the seriousness of the engagement ceremony.

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