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Wedding dresses and dresses are more beautiful

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First, the style theme should be coordinated

First of all, the bridesmaid dress and the bride’s wedding theme must be the same. If the bride is holding a Chinese wedding today, the bridesmaid wears a

The white gauze is out of place, not only destroys the overall vision, but also makes people feel unhappy, so the bridesmaid’s style must be

To be consistent with the wedding theme, you can use the elements of the wedding theme to pick the bridesmaid dress, from the style to the overall look

Go more harmonious

Second, the color should be moderate

The color choice of the bridesmaid dress is the key. First of all, based on the wedding theme, the color of the bridesmaid dress is generally low.

In order to match the bride's white gauze, bridesmaids generally choose light-colored clothing, like white, beige, light goose yellow

, light pink, lavender, light blue, etc., according to the color of the bride's dress to do the match, it is not recommended to be too bright, so as not to

The choice of fabric, satin, chiffon, light or firm fabric, such a dress looks solemn

Not too eye-catching

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Third, the choice of bridesmaid dress style

When choosing a dress style, bridesmaids must choose a convenient, simple and refreshing style. Don’t choose too gorgeous.

Or the exposed dress, so it’s rude, it will steal the bride’s limelight, and don’t choose the skirt for the leg length.

Short dress, so it is easy to walk in the move, you can choose some low-key, cute, fresh short dresses simple

With a gentle temperament and generous style, with the bride's shape, make some small decorations on the bridesmaid's styling.

Come to be very harmonious and elegant

Fourth, the dress fabric is consistent

In the choice of dress, fabric matching is also the key to choice. If the wedding dress is a tulle texture, then the bridesmaid’s dress

It should also have a similar tulle element. Therefore, when choosing a dress, the bridesmaid tries to choose the same gift as the bride’s dress fabric.

Service, this will enhance the overall sense, and will not be obvious.

The above is a small suggestion that Xiaobian introduces to you about the matching of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. No matter which dress you choose,

Be consistent with the theme of the bride and the wedding.

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