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How to choose and match the bride's wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses?

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On the wedding day, the bride's side in addition to the groom, all need a companion to sweet, that is the maid of honor, the maid of honor is the wedding ceremony in a day to help the bride's little angel, all the bride, big and small matters need her to help with the company, for the role of the little angel, in the day of the wedding, she also needs a set of their own dress, but how to choose and match is the most appropriate?

First, the style theme must coordinate

First bridesmaid dresses must be consistent with the bride's wedding theme, if the bride is a Chinese style wedding held today, the maid of honor to wear a white veil is antipathetic, not only damage the overall vision, also can let a person feel uncomfortable, so the style of the maid of honor must be consistent with the wedding theme, you can use the wedding theme elements to choose a bridesmaid dress, from the design style makes the overall look more harmonious

Two, color collocation should be moderate

Bridesmaid dresses in the color selection is the key, first of all, on the basis of suitable for the wedding theme, the color of the bridesmaid dresses in general is given priority to with simple low-key, in order to match the bride's white gauze, the maid of honor is generally choose light color fastens clothing, like white, rice white, pale yellow, pale pink, lavender, light blue, and so on, according to the color of the bridal gowns for collocation, do not recommend too bright, in order to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, material selection of silks and satins, snow spins, look a few light or strong material, this dress looks grave too won't grab an eye

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Three, the style choice of the bridesmaid formal dresses

Bridesmaid in choosing a dress design, be sure to choose convenient action, contracted and relaxed style, don't choose too luxuriant or exposure to dress, so lose the etiquette, will also take the bride's thunder, also do not choose to show long legs short dress skirt, so that in moving easily exposed, can choose a few brief paragraph small formal attire of the quiet, lovely, pure and fresh and contracted modelling with gentle temperament and decent, cooperate with the modelling of the bride, do a few small decorations in the modelling of the maid of honor, the overall looks very harmonious and elegant

Four, the dress fabric coordination

In the choice of the dress, the matching of the fabric is also the key to the choice. If the wedding dress is tulle, then the bridesmaid dress should have a similar tulle element. So, when the bridesmaid chooses formal attire, chooses as far as possible with the bride formal attire fabric same formal attire, can promote the overall feeling like this, will not show suddenly.

These are the small series to introduce the bride and bridesmaid dresses with some tips. No matter what kind of dress you choose, you should keep consistent with the bride and wedding theme.

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