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Gaussian Beam Emitting 532nm Green Laser Line Generator

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When users are trying to make extremely clear and fine enough line alignment at various work distances, it is not realistic for users to only rely on the use of a manual line printing device, it should be an efficient solution for users to apply a 532nm green laser line generator. It emits the most visible green laser beam from middle wavelength of 532nm green DPSS laser. On consideration of its industrial stabilization and highly clear line alignment onto various working surfaces, this green line laser makes good use of the most qualified glass coated lens, after its proper installation and adjustment of laser beam focus, it makes sure of highly fine and clear line alignment onto all working surfaces constantly.
The usual line alignment with 532nm green laser line generator is pointing onto various working surfaces, which is also in need to generate various line lengths and finenesses. After the use of qualified glass coated lens with different fan angles, after a series of quite strict laser beam stability tests and aging preventing tests up to 24 hours, it is just performing with good laser light cycling use, and high linear quality green reference line in distance. When it gets wide range fan angles of 10 degree to 110 degree, only after production of different line lengths of 0.5 meter to 6 meters, this green line laser just makes quite satisfied line positioning results for all industrial line measuring work fields.
Not limited by long distance, high height and other complex working environments, 532nm green laser line generator makes easy and no track line generation onto various working surfaces. It is not only making clear line alignment out of hand reaching, but also making sure of no manual labor force input line positioning results onto various working surfaces. This 532nm green line laser makes quite satisfied line alignment for laser cutting machine, textile garment processing, stone, wood and metal processing works etc.
No matter what kind of working surface it is pointing, after quite easy screw of adjustable focus optic lens, 532nm green laser line generator makes sure of high speed green laser light concentration, and highly fine green line alignment in distance. Within the maximum work distance of 25 meters and other high lighting occasion without sunlight, a correct output power and glass coated lens made alignment laser makes sure of high accuracy line alignment constantly. When this compact size tube made high power green line laser makes proper installation with the maximum installed distance of 3 meters, after correct wearing of laser safety glasses, it makes no danger and no mistake use perfectly.
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