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Hot Sale 808nm DC Power Infrared Cross Laser Alignment

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When cross line measuring work is processing under night version, it is not workable at all to only rely on any manual cross line drawing or printing work. After continuous technical innovation of 808nm infrared laser diode tech and qualified glass coated lens, it is being made into a quite practically used device of 808nm infrared cross laser alignment. Being made with constant power source supply and good cooling system, it always allows quite easy installation, and quick infrared vertical and horizontal lines generation with accurate 90 degrees.

Being made with an import 808nm infrared laser diode, different from a simple infrared laser pointer, this 808nm infrared cross laser alignment always gets increasing laser beam stability of at least 40%. In addition, after basic use of a metal heat sink cooling system and durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, after proper use of 16mm and 26mm diameter tube, this cross line laser module always gets superior nice thermal conductivity, and increasing stability infrared cross line generation in long time use. In occasion that it is pointing under harsh working occasion of mechanical moving or shocking, it still enables convenient installation, and highly stable and reliable performance in multiple working environments.

On basis of the use of qualified glass coated lens, whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, 808nm infrared cross laser alignment is performing with high photoelectric ability infrared laser light emission. It is performing with high linear quality IR cross line projection. Every time it passes through up to 24 hours aging preventing test and special use of glass window in front of laser beam aperture, in a lot of occasion working occasions, this infrared crosshair laser module still keeps work with good performance, without any affect by moisture or dust at all.

Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, being made with APC, ACC driving circuit board, 808nm infrared cross laser alignment is performing with constant output power and electric current supply. There is increasing temperature of laser tube, however, intelligent feedback system always makes perfect protection of infrared alignment laser, without any worrying about tube burning out or damage as well. Any time users are paying high attention to any thermal energy hurt to eyes and wearing correct 808nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles, without any direct eye exposure to beam aperture part, it just achieves highly secured and fine IR cross line projection in distance perfectly.

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