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How to safely whiten your sensitive teeth ?

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More often than not your dentist will recommend treatment for the underlying problem and after you are healed they will give you a green light to proceed with your whitening program with best dental equipment. Your dentist could also recommend filling up of cavities before you start your start whitening. You don’t have to get worried since most dental problems are treatable and as soon as your dentist gives a go a head, you can be sure to recover your smile sooner rather than later.
The market for teeth whitening products continues to grow and as a result, you can definitely find products that are specifically meant for people with sensitive teeth. If you have sensitive teeth you may definitely take a slightly longer route than the rest of the people but that I something you can endure, especially when you think about the expected positive outcomes. With advice from your dentist and using the right manner of products like mobile dental whitening lamp, you can also enjoy a painless and effective teeth whitening program.
As a rule of the thumb, always consider using teeth whitening products that have low levels of peroxide if you experience sensitivity in relation to whitening. Since some people will still experience sensitivity even with the mildest products, you may want to minimize your discomfort by avoiding extreme temperatures when taking beverages; always stick to room temperature and you should be comfortable.
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