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Korean style bride hair dressing procedure

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The bride is the focal point of wedding day, makeup and hairstyle need to be conspicuous naturally, share below Korean style bridal hairstyle to tie a method step, bride-to-be is quick to see see.

Korean style bride hair tie method step romantic temperament accompanies you throughout the day

Step 1: Korean bride hairdressing

Take the hair out of the head and twist it into a braid.

Step 2: Korean bride hairdressing

Take a bunch of hair from the right side and twist it into a puffiness.

Step 3: Korean bride hairdressing

Secure from the inside with a hairpin.

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Step 4: Korean bride hairdressing

Repeat the same procedure on the left.

Step 5: Korean bride hairdressing

According to the same method from the bottom in order to take off the bundle dozen to create a full layer of feeling of the tie hair modeling.

Step 6: Korean bride hairdressing

Finally take out the tail hair braid.

Step 7: Korean bride hairdressing

Finish with white flowers.

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