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The work process of the wedding supervisor ensures the wedding to proceed smoothly

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Wedding supervisor's workflow -- before the opening

1. Communicated with the host to understand the specific procedures and matters needing attention of the wedding, whether there were any special links.

2. Responsible for knowing the props used in the wedding (such as candlestick, cup tower, cake, etc.) of the wedding with the relevant person in charge of the wedding company and the field cloth, and confirming the arrangement of the seats of the main banquet and the display of the floodlights.

3. Explain the use process of wedding props to the bride and groom, and prepare the props needed for the ceremony (rings, hand in wine, Thanksgiving tea, special gifts, etc.).

4. Guide and arrange the parents, witnesses, references and guests of the bride and groom to sit at the reception table of the main guest (confirm whether the red envelope of the bride is carried with her)

5. Guide the newcomer to the designated position before the ceremony.


The wedding ceremony

The working procedure of wedding supervisor -- formal ceremony

1. The host enters the hall, gives the opening remarks, introduces the main guests, guests, etc. (get)

2. New entry: a. and admission to supervise to flower door guide the couple into the wedding hall b. western-style admission groom hold hand bouquet first admission, the bride with the father, father and the groom in the parlour or arch, father speak (receiver), (pass receiver) the groom and the groom kneel to marry him, guide the couple into the wedding hall.

3. Vows: deliver the microphone for the new couple. If it is a western-style marriage certificate, two new couples should stand opposite each other, and the supervisor should deliver the oath manual for the new couple.

4. Ring wearing: the supervisor delivers the ring for the new couple. If there are special items (such as: shell ring, etc., indicating how the new couple should use it)

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The wedding ceremony

5. Wedding props:

A. Candlestick (supervisor delivers the ignition rod, takes the ignition wand and extinguishes it)

B. Pour glass tower (supervise the location of champagne or fluorescent liquid and indicate the use method)

C. hand in wine (the supervisor brings the new couple the hand in wine, and the new couple takes the glass after drinking)

6. Speech by marriage witnesses, references and guests (microphone)

7. Offer tea to your parents (the supervisor brings the grateful tea, and the parents take the tea after drinking)

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