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Bride-to-be's effective way to slim her thighs

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Every girl wants slender legs, especially the bride-to-be. Put on a beautiful wedding dress, show your slim figure, show your perfect side. Can agonize is the meat on the ham dish huan, how should ability eliminate? Don't worry, here are 5 effective ways to slim your thighs.

Effective thin thigh method 1: plastic wrap thin leg method

1, in the thighs and legs and hips connected local adipose decompose gel evenly, the elastic bandage around then, and then coated with a layer of frozen liquid, about 45 minutes after the elastic bandage off.

2. Finally, wrap all the legs in plastic wrap and wash them with cold water towel after sweating. In this way, not only can the legs become thinner, but even the skin of the legs becomes smooth and elastic.

Effective thin thigh square two: the air pedals bicycle crazily

1. Lie in bed, lift your legs up and pedal your feet like a bicycle.

2. Push about 100 times a day. After finishing, divide your legs by about 80 degrees.

This is a very effective exercise for skinny legs, and it's easy to do, just a few minutes before you go to bed every night.

Effective thin thigh method 3: thick salt thin leg method

1. Before taking a shower, mix a cup of coarse salt with a little hot water to make a paste, so as not to fall off.

2. Then apply the thick salt mixture to your legs and rinse off with hot water about 10 minutes later. You can also do some massage before rinsing and then taking a shower.

Crude salt has the effect of sweating, helping to excrete the body's water, and promote the skin's metabolism, the body of waste elimination.

Effective thin thigh method 4: scrapping thin legs method

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1. Prepare a scrap board for ox horn.

2. Apply the lotion evenly on the legs first, and then scrape from top to bottom according to the acupoints. Shave 20 times from each acupoint.

It is best to shave before going to bed every night. After shaving, do not touch cold water and go to sleep directly.

Effective thin leg method 5: massage thin leg method

1. When taking a shower, apply the shower gel to your legs, and then find a place about waist high (such as sink, water pipe). Put one foot on the stand and rub your legs with both hands.

2. Rub in the direction from the thigh root to the knee and back. Start rubbing 50 times and your arms will ache, but hold on. When you can rub it 100 times, you'll see a more noticeable effect.

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