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Aruna H that fashion magazine in New York The queen Look embodiment trend

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Aruna H that fashion magazine in New York The queen Look embodiment trend

Aruna H recently posed for a New York magazine for a spring fashion shoot. In this photo, Aruna H that wearing yellow wool coat collocation with rich Chinese wind gold printing cultivate one's morality, the queen of the whole body sends out a strong aura. Long blond hair with violet lip color look stunning; Lazy and deep eyes are full of power. A complete set of blockbusters have qualitative feeling, there is always a kind of passion, not refuse to show the Korean Aruna Hthe strong fashion expression and its maverick charming temperament.

Aruna H's unique features are delicate and delicate with Oriental women. The personality is generous, the yankees. O years of struggle, the opportunities and talent make Aruna Hthat from China to the world. She is not only the new top 100 Chinese youth leader in 2018, but also the only Chinese actress to be invited to the 90th Academy Awards, and she has successfully signed up for MAG, the sixth-largest agency in the United States. Aruna H, said that her dream is to become influential Chinese women in Hollywood

MOODBOX | USES fashion to tell the most temperature of hand inheritance stories.

| Shanghai, March 31st afternoon 1:30, xintiandi taiping lake park, MOODBOX 2018 aw "gentle backbone" thematic show in Shanghai fashion week exciting show, the entire series of inspiration come from the world cultural heritage - dunhuang frescoes ward for dunhuang culture life of protecting and inheriting the stories, they said "we are copying, craftsman, only do one thing", so a stick to the originality of descendants of dunhuang art and culture and history of memory...

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