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"Blue tide" has swept through China international fashion week in 2018.

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On March 29, ECCO shoes and leather brand hand in hand from the northern Denmark famous fashion designer wang chao luxury brand taoray taoray at 2018 China international fashion week, common present ECCO 2018 launch. The product launch, inspired by ECCOINDIGO 8 cowboy blue SOFT SOFT and cool 8 series, is used to bring us the ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather build of ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather X taoray taoray special clothing series, appear to belong to ECCO "live comfortable, you made me," visual experience. As China ECCO brand image spokesperson, famous actors ya wen zhu wearing ECCO INDIGO denim blue SOFT and cool. 8 SOFT series, and a special series of this cooperation dress appearance shows, brief and extremely rich texture of the dress up tothe showed both classic and fashion charm.

ECCOINDIGO cowboy blue leather: blue tide attacks, hwan new fitness.

On the show, model fashion is a special series featuring ECCO INDIGOSOFT 8 and ECCO INDIGO blue leather Xtaoray taoray, which shows the current charm of ECCO INDIGO cowboy blue leather. The quality of leather raw materials and the innovative technology that never stops is always the ECCO's persistence. The INDIGO blue leather is an almost magical interpretation of the infinite possibilities of the "living color". Each ECCO INDIGO cowboy blue leather shows unique tone and texture through the ancient blue-dyed hand-tanned craft combined with unique innovative technology. Regardless of fashion footwear, leather goods or bespoke garments, there is a unique "blue tide" on the catwalk at fashion week. The unique material and the exquisite cut are interlaced, ECCO INDIGO blue leather creates a new "fit" world of innovative technology interweaving tannin charm.

Famous fashion designer wang tao: combine innovative technology with pioneer trend.

As a representative of Nordic footwear and leather brand, ECCO has always been characterized by a minimalist design style. The ECCO INDIGO blue leather, which is a collaboration with renowned international designer wang tao, has been a surprise. As leading figures in the Chinese designers, wang introduced the tide of luxury brand taoray taoray no age, no sex, no borders, professional brand idea thorough popular feeling, the simple, innovative and progressive design language is tonal fits in with ECCO brand. The she from ECCO INDIGO denim blue SOFT and cool. 8 SOFT series of inspiration, make ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather X taoray taoray special clothing series, the ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather by rich blue dye characteristics and excellent texture angles on the catwalk. In denim blue for the master of the "living comfortable world", more with moss green, midnight blue, red berries and wonderful colour ornament, let the ECCO 2018 launch add more shine new vitality, just like a flow of visual feast.

Model fashion show ECCO INDIGO cowboy blue leather X taoray taoray special series garments.

"In my eyes, cowboy blue is a timeless classic. Let oneself inadvertently reveal fashion has the style is the most current attitude. ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather X taoray taoray special series of concept as it is, in itself, enough to tide have qualitative feeling cool enough, ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather, make a clipping and design brief vogue, enough to let you easily show both at home and fashion attitude." Wang is not only to share with you the design concept of the special series, also expressed her for the cooperation of "best partner" ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather, she said, "ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather is the crossover design inspiration. Classic blue dye the combination of technology and innovation of science and technology is very amazing, unique manual craft to make every piece of leather are unique, also let every ECCO INDIGO blue leather cowboy Xtaoray taoray special series of clothing can be found in most avant-garde type, both classical sense."

Excelsior exploration is the core power ECCO efforts to the pursuit of excellence, not just in the research and development of design inspiration and leather breakthrough, but also do more in the ECCO different cross-border cooperation innovation. The ECCO has teamed up with taoray taoray, a fashion designer of the famous fashion designer wang tao, to launch a new trend in the trend of the 2018 fashion trend with ECCO INDIGO denim blue leather. Cool and comfortable shoes, fashionable and attractive wearing, classical technology combined with technological innovation, bring more fashion experience for you. "Live comfortable," because of you, ECCO INDIGO denim blue SOFT and cool. 8 SOFT with unique blue dyeing process with simple and rich texture of design, provides a new urban trend for men and women fashion, easy to let everybody in cozily, goes in tide front end. It is believed that the ECCO INDIGO cowboy blue leather will continue to use this infinite creativity in this "living color", and it will hit more fashion sparks with every consumer.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | wedding dresses online australia

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