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Devastated bride refused honeymoon refund when dad died four days after wedding

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June Robbins (34) wed Vinny Reid (35) on August 1 2015 in Dublin and they were looking forward to their honeymoon to the Maldives.

June’s father Tony (68) passed away from lung cancer four days after he walked her down the aisle.

“We were married for four days and due to go on our dream honeymoon that evening. [There were] 12 hours in the difference between death and holidaying recovering from the most incredible wedding,” said June.

<center> June with her husband Vinny and father Tony Photo: Facebook</center>

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June said her father’s lung cancer returned in April 2015 but he didn’t tell her about his condition.

“My dad was told in April 2015 his lung cancer had returned. He chose not to tell us. It was a shock when we had to complete Mapfre's insurance claim and we saw it in black and white. The cancer he told me had gone on November 2014 was back. We didn’t know about my father’s condition,” she said.

June and Vinny had taken out travel insurance from for their “dream honeymoon” in the Maldives.

“We saved like crazy to fulfil our first dream today as man and wife.”

When her dad passed away she cancelled the &euro;5,500 holiday and found that Multitrip doesn’t provide holiday cancellation cover if a close relative has a terminal illness.

“Every time there has been communication with Multitrip/MAPFRE it was distressing and deeply deeply upsetting because of this fact.

“Terms and conditions are fine, but did we have to ask every close relative there at our wedding if they had a terminal illness so we could travel? Medical confidentiality, parental protection/disclosure and generalised terms and conditions mean that Vinny and I didn't get what we paid for - travel protection,” said June.

June said she’s speaking out now to warn others of the protection that travel insurance actually provides.

“Now we hope justice prevails because of realising the impact of this situation on two regular human beings who worked hard as anyone does for their dream honeymoon.”

A spokesperson for said: " have been liaising with Mapfre Assistance in relation to the decision on this claim and whilst it’s not company policy to comment on specifics of this case, both parties were satisfied that there was a firm basis on which the claim was declined.

"Notwithstanding this will be contacting the customer through Mapfre Assistance to establish a positive outcome in recognition of the difficult family circumstances in this case."

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