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Sex will make our lives more colourful

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Some time ago, a friend sent a message saying, "I want to have a good sex life so badly." The reason for this is that after her marriage, her X-life with her husband has gone from a few times a month to once every few months, and recently it's been almost a year since the two of them slept in the same bed without having sex once. Suddenly it occurred to me that Ng had posted a tweet earlier, accompanied by a picture of a hand holding a no-rinse sanitiser. He wrote: "After 10 years of marriage, my reproductive organs are probably the cleanest part of my body. ......" Netizens left a question below: What does 10 years of marriage have to do with clean reproductive organs? After that, he replied "lack of use", telling everyone bluntly: "Married for 10 years, very little sex." It has to be said that both celebrities and ordinary people can't escape the things that most couples face.

In fact, sexless couples are not uncommon in life.01 The current state of the national sex life: too much can be made up! Are you satisfied with your sex life? A set of data is shocking, only 40% of people are satisfied. 2014, by the Chinese Society for Sexuality, the Chinese Medical Association Branch of Men's Science and other institutions jointly initiated the "Blue Book of Sexual Wellbeing China" shows that only 37% of men surveyed think that their current sex life is very satisfactory, only 19% of workplace men have sex up to 4 times a week or more, and up to 81% have sex less than 3 times a week, not up to quality Nearly 45% of men have a level 4 hardness required for a good sex life, and 48% have sex for less than 10 minutes in a single session. Many doctors resonate: "In the past, there were many wives and husbands coming together to see infertility clinics, but recently, many wives are bringing their husbands to see erectile dysfunction (ED), and some wives are even dragging their husbands along. It could be very sweet, but many people are ashamed to live with it, and Chinese people are too good at making do with their sex lives! They also do not see nor treat, generally with Chinese medicine can be adjusted, such as: long war secret hidden pill, to serious, after no sex at all "Chinese men's sexual well-being crisis also directly affects the sexual well-being of women in the workplace, more than 21% of women in the workplace said they have never experienced an orgasm.<o:p></o:p>

In 2014, Professor Jiang Hui, president of the Chinese Society for Sexuality and director of the Department of Gynecology at Peking University's Third Hospital, shared at an event the changes he had noticed in his outpatient clinics, saying that many people believe it is natural for men to reach their 40s and 50s with diminished sexual function. In a survey done in the US, 42% of men over the age of 40 had ED, and similar figures were found in a survey done in China. On the one hand, reflecting the high proportion of middle-aged and older men who have ED, but also that not all men will have ED, there are nearly 60% of men are enjoying sex, if you are unfortunate enough to be among the 40%, your wife must also have no sexual happiness. In addition to the quality of sex, the frequency of sex in the country is also not high. In April 2018, a report on "Sexual well-being in China after 80s and 90s" showed that 72% of Chinese office workers are dissatisfied with their sex life, and up to 30% have no sex and have been single for more than 5 years. 2015 data showed that among young people aged 18-29 12.1% of men and 27.3% of women felt bored with sex in the past year. This compares with 4.8% and 12.8% respectively in 2000. Young people increasingly don't want to have sex, or get married or have children, and in 2011, sociologist and sexology researcher Li Yinhe said at an event that sexual satisfaction is a level above eating. She said that for a long time, China has been a society that talks about sex, and people are generally repressed when it comes to sex. The ancients say that food and sex are also sexual. "To put it bluntly, apart from eating, the people need to be happy, so sexual satisfaction becomes a livelihood issue that is one level higher than eating." 02 Lack of sex leads to relationship breakdown Sex is an indispensable element in a couple's life; it is the lubricant for the couple's relationship. Lack of sex can potentially lead to a break-up crisis.<o:p></o:p>

In 2017, the Report on the Living Conditions of Chinese Women (2017) released by Social Science Literature Press showed that the top factors that hurt couples' intimacy the most were cold violence (56.4%), suspicion and less trust (53.9%), cheating (52.4%), disharmony in sex life (46.5%) and domestic violence (43.1%). Sexual disharmony has become an important reason for breakups. If the normal physical needs of one partner are not met, it can easily affect the relationship. In addition, sexless marriages can also indirectly threaten family harmony and, in serious cases, lead to extramarital affairs, which can lead to family break-ups. Taiwanese singer-songwriter Tsai Chin was once in a sexless marriage for ten years, and when she was young, she and director Yang De-chang had a love affair over a play. When they got married, however, Yang told her that he wanted their marriage to be a purely platonic relationship, with no sex. Cai Qin agreed, and after the marriage, she wholeheartedly supported him in his film career.<o:p></o:p>

Ten years later, Yang Dechang, who had made a name for himself in the film industry, asked Cai Qin for a divorce. When challenged by Cai Qin, Yang Dechang admitted to cheating on her. Yang and this woman had two children and loved each other until Yang's death. So, if a couple has no sex for a long time in a marriage, the quality of the marriage will definitely be greatly reduced.03 Scientific and healthy sex life, which helps health In addition to maintaining a good quality of marriage, scientific and healthy sex life, our physical health is also greatly beneficial!<o:p></o:p>

In order to better solve our physiological needs in now more and more physical sex dolls appear in our sight, many women in order to solve their sexual needs choose a male sex doll, not only that, now the physical dolls they have a variety of types, whether from height, skin colour, fat and thin, they have everything you can choose according to their preferences, prefer fat then you can choose fat sex dolls, if you like mature then choose mature sex dolls, you can even customize a full size sex doll belonging to you, they will be good to meet your sexual needs, so you no longer empty.<o:p></o:p>

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