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Korean wedding photography guide

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1, to South Korea to take wedding photos preparatory work

Jeju island, South Korea, daeguan-ling is a beautiful place, take out the wedding photos are very natural. Of course, there are some things to pay attention to when taking wedding photos. Ruoyi wedding photography remind the new take wedding photos should pay attention to the following points:

1. Couples should take good care of their skin one week before taking wedding photos, and their hair style should also be done a week before, which is more natural.

2. Because of outdoor shooting, couples should wear sunscreen equipment, sunscreen, parasol and sun hat.

On the day of the photo shoot, don't eat too much. 7-8 percent will help you get in shape. Also can't in order to show thin do not eat, outdoor wedding photos is also very energy expenditure.

4 outdoor in the flowers, grass, should bring good toilet water and other insect repellent equipment.

5. When taking wedding photos, the big light may sting your eyes and cause red veins in both eyes. It is advisable to take the customary eye drops to moisten your eyes.

Second, to South Korea to take wedding photos budget

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New people to South Korea picture taken, if choose happy wedding photography studio of South Korea's local studio, this alternative is strong, cheap, also can find travel honeymoon travel on the Internet, if happy wedding photography also have this set of system, outdoor wedding shoot, scenic spots, accommodation are included, the price is right.

South Korea wedding photography tips three, to the south Korean wedding photos how to operate

Look for a few public praise to be good from the net above all, the price comes out appropriately, make a phone call next advisory, understanding, had chosen to pay earnest money, sign a contract, do the preparation of passport, visa, book air ticket, hotel to wait for a matter to be able to look for an organization to do on behalf of, arrived at photograph date, photograph on time!

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