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The reason why dink appears

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First, the reasons for the appearance of dink

1. The traditional concept of "three unfilial ACTS, no empress is the greatest" is deeply rooted in the minds of Chinese people. Therefore, it is very difficult for a dink family

Become the life tide of whole society, but in the family with higher education level of husband and wife, this idea has big market however. the

According to one report, from the early 1990s to the end of the 1990s, the number of dink families in China's major cities was steadily increasing, and the

Become the marriage fashion of a certain class.

2. In the mid-1990s, a questionnaire survey on dink families showed that the main reasons for choosing the lifestyle of childlessness were as follows

The first concern is China's population. China's population problem is the most painful for those who choose to become infertile.

They felt that it was too difficult for our country to catch up with the developed countries because of the population


Another reason is to make life easier. Many people think the people around them and their parents are too tired. although

Some people freely admit that their choice is hedonistic, but many distinguish the pursuit of pleasure from the pursuit of lightness

And the difference. The pursuit of pleasure is the pursuit of excitement, the pursuit of instant pleasure, but the pursuit of ease is to escape from evil, the pursuit of a kind of comfort

Meaning, indifferent, elegant life. Despite these differences, voluntary infertility gives the general impression of abandoning traditional Chinese

The life pattern of bearing the burden of humiliation and sacrificing unconditionally for future generations values their own happiness more than personal happiness

The price of happiness, joy, and lightness is what they call "things from outside".

Another major reason is self-actualization. Self-actualization of this goal has more to do with the quest for an easy life

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Positive. Some respondents, especially middle-aged men, said having children can ruin their careers and chances of success

Women, they deplore the wasted youth and years in the "cultural revolution", want to achieve something in their careers, do not want to

It means to waste one's precious energy and time for having children.

Second, the development of dink phenomenon

Now with the expansion of national university enrollment, more and more college students, and the employment status of college students is not optimistic, just graduated

College students or in the time into the society is not too long graduates economic level is not high, have a child burden will be more heavy, and for

For the college students who have received higher education itself has a strong ability to accept new things, naturally became a dink

Ethnic reserve army, this kind of college students more and more, now college students are mostly 80 generations, more have the development of a dink

Therefore, the dink phenomenon may develop very rapidly in the last twenty years.

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