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How to choose bridesmaid dresses

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One, bridesmaid dress style

1, in order to avoid clothing too orthodox or too casual, you can add fashion elements in the details. If it is to wear a fashionable fashion

The lacy suit coat, the coat inside with a small alternative condole belt, bright color, with beads, colorful Mosaic,

You can do anything sexy.

2. The dresses of bridesmaids should not be too short, so as to avoid being exposed during outdoor activities, which is inconsistent with the occasion.

3. The design of bridesmaid dresses is more concise than that of the bride. Dress style between evening dress and casual dress, do not choose

Of long money mop the ground, such too solemn, can lay particular stress on small formal attire.

4, the dress should be low-key and dignified, not too exposed, otherwise it will steal the bride's limelight, will also make the elders present displeasure.

Second, the color

Pure white is for the bride, pink is for the bridesmaid it's the usual color pairing. But we can get rid of the usual pink formal suit, pink

Such colour as blue, pink green, champagne gold suits the identity of bridesmaid not only, and can reflect young female perfect skin to pledge. if

There are multiple bridesmaids, and can also wear the same color but different styles of skirt, all bridesmaids dresses do not have to be strictly similar, this

Can make everyone look very beautiful and free of formality.

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Bridesmaid dresses are usually in three colors: 1. Romantic pink

Melting pink is the pronoun of romance all the time, nature also is the color with indispensable bridesmaid formal attire. But pink is also a phase

To dangerous color, too handsome can bring not sedate feeling, the control that spends to its bright degree and depth so is unusually important. bright

Pink is undoubtedly more beautiful, so if large area of application, the style of the dress should be as far as possible lady and mature; If you want to

Add the romantic temperament of pink, the design that can use class of silk satin, dew skin to spend taller tries to cooperate. It can also be on a full dress

Use the pink with differ depth respectively, shallow pink substrate, colourful pink serves as local adornment to also can bring not current and vulgar effect.

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