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elinespring/summer 2019 business age what you like may not matter

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The spotlight of this fashion week has finally been lifted on CELINE by Hedi Slimane. To be expected, to be reasonable

In the film, Lady Gaga recently helped her friend Hedi to carry a new black bag, which was also a preview of the next few years

The CELINE show will be Hedi Slimane's personal extravaganza.

Even if their face if ice, the body piled up

The heavy sequins and high-waisted design couldn't hide my most aggressive self-attitude.

Like the Milky Way, it is the best ornament in Paris at this moment

But winning or losing isn't just a matter of passing judgment. "Titanic" has its share of early box-office successes

And then the box office peak. The most important thing is to see the designer's talent and brand spirit together

Chemical reactions and staying power. So it all comes back to the brand itself.

From 1967 CELINE first ready-to-wear show continues to the present unified look and feel: elegant Paris feminine taste. Contrast the

"Hedi is just too rock and club."

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But we have to face the reality that CELINE is only more than 60 years old, CHANEL is 110 years old, and Dior has

But in '72, Mr. DIOR, Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano built the brand foundation for DIOR

And the extension of the results are incomparable. Horizontal and vertical comparison of the brand iconic spirit continued by CELINE is slightly vague.

The use of bourgeois elements by Celine makes me feel very interesting.

Compared with Dior or Saint Laurent, Celine's past is not so heavy.

This is the fundamental reason for the brand to change its designer. Except CELINE, the other brands are all different and all of them are self-testing

The fusion of the designer's blood and bone is a process of evolution and constant discovery of the essence of the brand.

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