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Romantic words win hearts

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From acquaintance happened to be together, together through the day, is so beautiful and warm, gentle, generous, intelligent, virtuous you let I deeply feel the strength of you love me, so I don't want you to be my girlfriend to be my wife? I will cherish you more, love you, protect you, with our future happiness life to prove your choice is correct, today when we progeny, stumbling walk I will tightly hug you in my arms!

We've known each other for five years now, but I think I'll love you the same way in fifty years. I will take care of you forever! Marry me!

Meeting you is the fate of this life, loving you is the happiness of my life, guarding you is the choice of my life, for you I have no regrets in this life, I will love you forever!

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I'm not the best! But I dare say I am the most suitable to live with you! I really like you, take care of you, hope you can marry me, let me be your guardian angel forever!

I found that I can not leave you for a moment, I want to hold a sincere heart to you: I really love you! I hope you will marry me!

I want to give you a joy to make you happy every day. I want to give you a greeting to let you have no trouble. I want to give you a pay without return; I want to give you a true love so that you can be good at everything. I want to give you a love to make you happy. Marry me!

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