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Classic western wedding planning

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Western wedding is a wedding form that many couples will choose in recent years. It is also the holy romance of western wedding that attracts the new couple's attention. Here are some classic western wedding planning schemes to help you create a romantic western wedding.

Classic western-style wedding planning schemes help you create a romantic western-style wedding

Classic western wedding planning scheme 1

1. Equipment and articles for daily use

1. The dragon and phoenix arch, fireworks, and the ball in the building can be placed in the new house. (the celebration company is responsible for installation and discharge)

2. Guests' check-in desk (responsible for the hotel)

3. Western stage background (with full decoration)

4. Flower path lighting guide pillar (with lamp)

5. Colored gauze door

6. Rear-lamp, bubble machine, smoke machine, floor lamp, cold smoke gang (better effect on stage)

7. Champagne glass tower (flowers around the champagne tower and champagne itself)

8. Tieyi crystal bead candlestick (complete set includes fireworks, plant connection, silk flower decoration, wax floating, etc.)

9. Flowers are used to set the table

10. Fresh flowers may be sprinkled on the entrance of the new employee (with the company's gift)

11. Electronic gift flowers can be used to create a romantic atmosphere when new people enter the hall

12. Flower decoration (including bridal bouquet, flower head, breast flower, mother-in-law's flower, master of ceremonies flower)

2. Staff and work arrangement required on site

1. A wedding planner, responsible for the hotel wedding planning and hosting.

2. A professional wedding photographer shall be responsible for recording the whole ceremony, banquet and motorcade.

3. A professional wedding photographer, professional standard, professional equipment, responsible for the video recording of the whole scene.

4. Three professional bands shall be responsible for the reception before the ceremony and the accompaniment of singers during the banquet.

5. A professional sound engineer is responsible for the whole music of the wedding ceremony in cooperation with the host, highlighting the significance of the wedding.

6. Two professional singers (one for men and one for women) sang songs for the guests during the ceremony to enhance the atmosphere

Iii. Western wedding ceremony site layout

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The scene is dominated by western wedding decoration, embodying fashion and elegance. Beautiful and romantic.

The entrance of the banquet hall is decorated with flowers and balloons, and the counter is decorated with flowers. The corridors are also decorated with balloon flowers or flowers.

Background western - style milk - white cloth man back plate or lamp post back plate. Iron rose candlestick, dry ice champagne tower and lighting equipment are arranged on both sides of the main stage.

The happy passage that leads to advocate ceremonial stage puts red carpet, two sides puts flower lamp post, the entrance puts colour gauze flower door. Flowers are placed on the table in a lively atmosphere.

Iv. Preliminary hosting procedures of the wedding ceremony

1. Opening ceremony; 2. Vows; 3. Exchanging gifts; 4. Bowing; 5

9. Activity part

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